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Paid Internships for Graduate Students Colorado Technical University

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Colorado Tech University in U.S.A. offers an option to students in all of their graduate Master’s programs to change to a "co-op" internship program after they join the university. In the "co-op" program, international students can work up to 40 hours per week in "practical training" jobs for which they are paid regular wages.
All of the internship employment positions are with off-campus American based companies in the Colorado Springs and Denver areas. Full-time employment at "regular" wages is available for Master’s students who select the "Internship" program at CTU.
How does it work?

The Colorado Technical University program works in the following manner:
Apply: You can apply for the graduate program in Colorado Technical University and if you get an admission, you can go on a normal student visa.
Change Program: You can look for a job. Once you get a job, get the work permit. This would allow you to work 40 hours per week outside the campus in an American company.
Important: If you do not wish to change to a co-op program, you can continue with your normal graduate masters program. It is your choice. Most student prefer to change to the co-op program because of the earning potential.
Through this program, International students have the right to complete their required internship by working in part time or full time paid employment with American based companies near the campuses. All wages paid can be kept by the students and used for their tuition and fees, living and personal expenses.


There are many advantages of studying at CTU:
Low Cost: Colorado Technical University is among the more affordable universities in US. The tuition fee for a graduate program is just around US $ 12,000 per year.

Installments: Unlike most other universities where you have to pay the tuition fee for the entire semester initially, Colorado Technical University allows you to pay your tuition fee in installments. You just have to pay US $ 5755 in the first quarter, once you join the university for the first four courses that you take. You can pay the rest of the fee as you take those courses.

Earn & Learn scheme: If you change to the co-op option, you can get an authorization to work for 40 hours per week in an American company outside the campus. This way you will be able to earn to help cover your living and tuition expenses by working along with your course.

What are the programs offered?

The programs currently offered are:
MS Management (MSM)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
MS Computer Science
MS Computer Science Software Systems Engineering
MS Electrical Engineering

Is this allowed?

Of course it is. This is a program developed specifically for international students. There are many students currently doing this program.
INS authorizes students to work full-time from the beginning of their first year of study when the employment is related to the following graduate majors:
CTU is one of only a few universities in the U.S. where full time employment is allowed for international students in these majors in the first year of study.

What are the initial costs?

The total initial costs of the system are as follows:
Amount to be paid during application:
Application Processing fee - US $ 95
Annual Tuition fee and living expenses
(To be paid once you join the university)
Tuition fee for first quarter - US $ 5575
Living expenses per month - US $ 670 (Approx.)

* Costs subject to change

What are the total expenses?

The total expenses are as follows:
Annual tuition fee: US $ 12000 (approx.)
(To be paid in installments)
Annual living expenses: US $ 7000 (approx.)

* Tuition subject to change


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