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Student Visa Denial Is Not the End Of The Road

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My son’s application for student visa was denied without looking at any of his documents. On the advice of his educational consultant my son has once again applied for an interview date to receive a student visa. I personally feel that no useful purpose will be served by applying again as consular officers are so arrogant that they do not even look at any documents.

A Reader

It is not true that the consular officers are arrogant and therefore they do not look at any of the documents of the applicants. Kindly enquire with your son as to how he had filled his visa application Forms DS-156, 157 and 158 and what questions were asked to him in his interview and what replies he had given to the same. Then try to analyse why your son’s visa were denied. Thereafter ask your son to prepare himself thoroughly by correcting his problems and appearing at the visa interview with confidence and answer all the questions truthfully and to the point. Many students have received visas on second, third and even sixth attempt.

My son who intends to do masters course in USA has his visa interview date next week. He has to report to his university before September 15, 2006. If after receiving his student visa my son marries within a day or two and then his wife applies for dependent F-2 visa will she be granted the same?

Vikramsinh J. Barot,

Perhaps, in the circumstances which you have mentioned, the consular officer may feel that the marriage is not genuine and your son is duping the consulate by not marrying before receiving the student visa.

When does a person become inadmissible into USA?

Maureen D’souza
Panjim, Goa

A person may become inadmissible into the USA on health related grounds, economic grounds, criminal grounds, moral grounds, on account of violation of the provisions of Immigration and Nationality Act, violation of entry laws or documentation, for committing fraud or willfully misrepresenting facts to procure a visa, for security related grounds and on several other grounds such as falsely claiming USA citizenship, for the offence of International Child Abduction, etc.

I have H-1B visa. My US citizen sister has filed petition for my immigrant visa under the Family IV Preference category. The said petition is pending. Now my US employer wants to file Green Card petition for me under the employment based preference category. Is it permissible? Can a second petition under a different category be filed during the pendency of another petition? Deepak Avasthi, New Delhi

Yes, the same is permissible. There is no bar in filing a petition during the pendency of another petition under another category.


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