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Fight The Interview Phobia

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Do you too get butterflies in your stomach when called for a personal interview, here are few tips that can work to your advantage.

Think of your interview as just a conversation between you and the interviewer, be determined to enjoy it thoroughly and make it an enriching experience. If you are well-prepared, you can use a personal interview to your advantage. A personal interview with the recruiter is a chance for you to sell your skills. If you can drive the conversation in the direction you want, you will emerge as a winner!

Thumb rules to beat interview jitters:
* When appearing for an interview, there are four main areas that you need to pay attention to: Personal details, academic details, current affairs and ‘what you say.’

* How you maintain your posture during an interview adds to your personality. So be a little conscious on the way you move and communicate.

* Listen to the questions very carefully. If you do not understand a word or a phrase, do not stop the interviewer mid-way. Let him/her complete the sentence and then if you still have doubts ask him to clarify. Take a pause before you jump to an answer.

* While answering, speak clear and loud. Do not sound too high nor too low.

* If you do not have an answer for a particular question, be honest and say that you do not know the answer. Interviewers respect honesty and integrity.

* KISS: Keep It Short and Sweet. Do not talk too much because such candidates are disliked and misjudged instantly, so keep it short.

* Demonstrate enthusiasm but make sure you do not cross the limits. Do not be over confident about your achievements. Interviewers misinterpret them for superciliousness.

* Look into the interviewers’ eyes and talk. It exemplifies confidence and honesty. If questions are being asked in English, reply in English only. Do not use Hindi or other languages. Avoid using Hindi words like matlab, ki, maine, toh etc.

* Do not hesitate to ask questions. Interviewers appreciate such enthusiasm but avoid getting into an argument with the interviewer.

* Be cheerful. Candidates with pleasant appearance hold interviewer’s interest.

* Do not put on an accent for an interview. Speak in your natural accent.

Post interview etiquettes
Before leaving the room, make sure you thank each of the interviewer for the time they have spared to listen to you. While leaving do not forget to collect your pen/pencil or any other stationery that you have kept on the table. Before moving out, place the chair in the original position.
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