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Career In Paint Technology

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Always wanted to paint the town red? Then here your chance

The Indian economy is growing at an enormous rate. The growth of corresponding industrial (automotive/ OEM) and housing segments will generate increasing demand for paints in the coming years

Life is full of colours  colours that add a spark to our lives and beauty to our thoughts. But ever wonder where these colours come from? Who makes them and how? The answer lies in paint technology a process that enables the world around us to become even more colourful (and hence beautiful) by the minute. We explore a career in the lucrative world of paint technology

What is paint technology?
"Any surface metallic or otherwise needs a protective coating, referred to as `paint technology application. This consists of a combination of processes: Chemical treatment followed by a decorative layer (paint)," elucidates Arun K Sagar, director of the Garware Institute of Career Education and Development, Kalina. Paints are a combination of various chemicals that deliver several functions. Shrikant Dikhale, vice president, human resource, Nerolac Paints Limited, defines, "Paint technology entails understanding the chemistry of the functions of each ingredient (including resin, polymers and pigments) going into the paint. It is also about understanding the effect on the final property of the paint." Yogesh K Raval, general manager, paint development, Asian Paints Limited, adds, "Paint (or surface coating) technology covers various aspects of paint or coating formulations for different substrate. It also covers end use, manufacture and application techniques. Its scope covers all kinds of architectural or house, automotive and aircraft paints as well as industrial high-performance, anti-corrosive and marine coatings."

What does a paint technologist do?
For every specific use of paint, one must formulate the required paint to meet service life requirements. The job profile of a paint technologist depends upon which area you are working in. For instance, paints used for aircrafts vary from those used for car and household decoration. "Thus, paint technologists formulate various types of paints and resin (a raw material) for the purpose of new product development, product up-gradation, new colour development and new application development," informs Dikhale.

Job Profile
A person working in the paint manufacturing industry is responsible for the analysis of paint raw materials and finished products in the Quality Assurance department.
If in production, he has to monitor and improve process efficiency/ productivity and manage safety and environment.
In R&D he has to identify, evaluate and develop various technologies, formulate the paints that meet the requirements for the desired end application. He has to constantly do the value engineering and manage formulation efficiency.
In technical services or marketing he has to help in identifying newer markets, promoting products by educating customers, explaining the benefits and right usage, and so on. 
The person working in paint application industries (paint shops) are expected to monitor the paint application process for ensuring set quality standards, coordinate with the paint supplier for selecting the correct paint system for the various substrates looking at their service life, environment condition and other end customer's requirements.

Paint technologists can choose to work in any of the following departments: Research and Development wing (for which one has to do an MTech) Production department Marketing department Technical service department as technical assistance/ executives wherein they are required to go to the client's site. For instance, an auto company may face some technical difficult in its application unit, at that time a technologist is sort for.
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