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Scoring System In Mcat Part-2

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Scoring System In Mcat

The MCAT is a "standardized" test. A standardized test is simply one that is sensitive to differences in capacity or aptitude in specific areas and not sensitive to other (extraneous) factors or attributes. The MCAT Physical Sciences section, for example, attempts to measure facility with introductory chemistry and physics without giving the examinee a "bonus" for calculus or advanced courses taken.

Your raw score is "scaled" to a curve of how the entire group of people taking the test performed (and in some cases, how everyone who took the exam over the past few years did). Thus, your final score is based not only on your individual performance, but on the performance of the testing group as a whole. Your MCAT score indicates how far above or below average your raw test score is.

The Verbal Reasoning, Biological Sciences, and Physical Sciences sections are scored on a 1-15 scale with a target mean and standard deviation of 8 and 2.5, respectively. However, in practice the target mean and standard deviation are not met exactly, since scores are assigned to try to meet certain other criteria (e.g. a 15 corresponds to the 99.9th percentile, or there are as many 10+ scores as 1st year openings).

The results should arrive in the mail 8 to 9 weeks after the test.

The MCAT is administered in April and August of each year. Students are suggested to take the test in the calendar year prior to the year in which they plan to enter medical school.
Registration materials are available online beginning in January for the two administrations scheduled during each calendar year. For more information and to register go to:

In India the test is offered in Computer-Based Testing (CBT) format.

Indian Testing Centre:

Prometric Senior Plaza 160-A
Gautam Nagar
New Delhi, India
110 049
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