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Sourcing Spiritual Wealth Happiness From Within Part-2

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These processes include the power of concentration and the capacity of attention, the capacity of widening complexity and richness, organisation of ideas around a central idea or a higher ideal, rejection of undesirable ideas and ultimately, the development of mental silence or total receptivity to inspiration.

The emerging new brain-compatible learning science is gradually creating a base for our understanding the relationship between brain and mind, or our perception of reality. However, this pursuit of new knowledge as such may not make us experience the positive emotion of happiness. We have to learn to reach a state of mind where we may not seek happiness only because it will get us something else like, wealth, or health, or fame.

As Aristotle has said, we should seek happiness for its own sake, for that is the bottom line in life. Teaching and learning of these values as content of our curriculum may not prepare as much a learner to realise their inner potential and to reach higher mental levels, as much as the ‘process’ of learning, which may itself act as the vehicle for imbibing these values. Here the ‘value-as-means’ becomes the ‘end-state value’ in life.Sourcing Spiritual Wealth Happiness from Within Part-1
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