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Success By Grabbing The Right Opportunity

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This column explores the relevance and application of Principles and Strategies discussed in the 3rd Century BC treatise, Kautilya‚€™s Arthashastra, in Today‚€™s Corporate World)

Is success in business a matter of ‚€˜luck‚€™ or ‚€˜self effort‚€™? It‚€™s a question often asked, especially by those who are struggling to build their companies .

There‚€™s this saying about success being 99 percent hard work and 1 percent luck. But, remember, you will never get lucky till you put in the best of your efforts. Only then would opportunity knock.

Kautilya says that when such an opportunity finally comes, potentially bringing the the success aimed for, you should be alert enough to grab it.

‚€œTime comes but once to a man waiting for an opportunity; that time is difficult for that man to get again when he wants to do his work‚€Ě (5.6.31)

You might have heard the adage that talks of opportunity not knocking twice, but here‚€™s another interesting one for you: ‚€œWhen opportunity knocks, either we are out or sleeping in!‚€Ě.

Still, we have to understand that it is not only about the opportunity itself but about the ‚€˜right‚€™ opportunity at that. So how does one recognise this so called right opportunity?

How does one recognise the right opportunity?

Here are some steps to follow:

Nothing But The Best
Usually, people who are learning the tricks of the trade feel every opportunity is the best opportunity. It is simply not true. You will have to struggle for a few years and put in your best efforts before you get the ‚€˜knack‚€™ to differentiate between right and wrong, good and bad, and even the simply ‚€˜better‚€™ from the very ‚€˜best‚€™.

Learn To Say ‚€˜No‚€™
It‚€™s quite a temptation to say yes to every event that ‚€˜seems‚€™ to be an opportunity. When an opportunity comes- stay clam. Think through it: Is it a profitable venture? Plan a strategy and then decide to capitalise on the same.

Jump Into It
Once you thought through it: Jump into the field right away. Do not think too much after this stage. Just go out and perform your best. You never know if such a chance will come again.

People only see the successful part of a businessman; they never recognise the hardships that he has gone thought to become successful.

Ray Kroc, the founder of Mc Donald‚€™s, was once asked in an interview, ‚€œSir, you were very lucky! You became an overnight success‚€Ě. Ray remarked, ‚€œYes, that is true. But you do not know how long the night was...!‚€Ě

After having put your time, energy and efforts to build your dreams, do not quit when success is just right round the corner.

As Swami Vivekananda proclaimed ‚€œAwake, arise, Stop not till thy goal is reached‚€Ě

And for all this, remember, it‚€™s all a matter of timing.


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