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Basics Of Resume Writing Part-3

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If your education is the most recent accomplishment in your career, or if it holds the greatest proof of your qualifications for the position, list it first. If you've held positions in your field of choice, and have relevant applied experience, list your relevant work history, first.
Although educational achievements are very important (and sometimes the deciding factor between two otherwise equally qualified candidates), your reader is going to be most interested in experience that shows your skills applied and how employers have benefited from your contributions in the past.
If you feel that your education is a trump card, list it twice; once in your summary, and once again in its own section.
Educational achievements should be formatted so that they complement the rest of your document’s layout – so make sure to present these in a similar format to that of your employment history.
Include your GPA, if high, and include a coursework list if this will add strength to your document. If you have completed a portion of a degree or education, note this for your reader. Examples:
University of USA, City, State . . . 2005
Bachelor of Arts degree; Business Administration  /  GPA 4.0
University of USA, City, State . . . 2005
Completed two years of Bachelor of Arts Degree Program; Business Administration
Other Information of Interest
List any associations or professional organizations (relevant) for which you are a member. If you do not belong to an organization related to your field or industry, it may worth joining – this is a great way to network with other professionals and leaders in your industry.
List hobbies and outside activities only if they are directly relevant to the position and company being targeted.
List all volunteer work, that is directly relevant to the position or company being targeted, the same as you list any other work on your document (doesn’t have to be listed separately).
NOT list personal information, such as: marital status, physical health, height, weight, number of dependents, gender, marital status, age, race or religion if you’re targeting an American company or any company within the United States.
DO NOT include a picture of yourself with your resume, unless you are in the modeling, speaking or entertainment industries.


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