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Career & Jobs In Advertising Industry

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Career Guidance In Advertising Industry & Job Vacancies
Advertising professionals find jobs in advertising agencies, in-house advertising agencies or departments of large companies, or with mass media as advertising sales representatives. Normally advertising agencies are divided into four departments: account services, media, research, and creative.

Careers in Advertising Agencies

Account Services Department:

  • positions in account services: assistant account executive, account executive, senior account executive,
    accounts supervisor/accounts manager
  • salary range for assistant account executives is $20,000-$40,000
  • directs contact with the client; acts as liaison between art department, production department, and client
  • represents client's needs to art and production departments
  • provides interpretation support to client at presentations
  • responsible for seeing that the client's needs are met accurately and on time, which calls for closely
    following the in-house progress of the campaign

Account Services Department-Traffic:

  • positions in traffic: account coordinator/traffic manager
  • salary range for traffic manager is $18,000-$20,000
  • coordinates all the jobs in progress and monitors their status to ensure that production remains
    on schedules and deadlines are met
  • works with all departments throughout the advertising campaign

Media Services Department:

  • positions in media: assistant media planner, media planner, media director, media manager
  • salary range for assistant media planner is $15,000-$25,000
  • applies statistical models to audience, circulation, and cost figures to minimize media cost and
    maximize media effectiveness
  • manages the purchase and control of large blocks of media time/space, whether in print or broadcast
  • recommends and allocates this space among clients according to campaign requirements
  • negotiates favorable billing terms for large, repeat, and/or guaranteed space purchases, which
    translates into more cost-effectiveness for clients and agency

Research Department:

  • positions in research: research project director, research account executive, associate research
    director, advertising research director, research department manager
  • salary range for research project director is $30,000-$55,000
  • expert in statistical applications, mathematical modeling, project design, and methodology
  • works with and often obtains outside services
  • monitors project to ensure accuracy and validity of findings, which are then reported and presented
    to the client

Creative Department-Art Direction:

  • positions in art direction: assistant art director, junior art director, art director, senior art director
  • salary range for assistant art director is $14,000-$18,000
  • requires knowledge of advertising trends and strong visual communication skills
  • develops and recommends artistic strategy and rendition for client campaign, often presenting
    several for client approval
  • generates creative content for both print and broadcast
  • often works with copywriter as a team to brainstorm visual and verbal content
  • oversees progression of campaign from rough sketches through final production

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