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Financial Options will Aid Your Education in France

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Education in France may, after all, be more attainable for Indian students than it seems. The French government offers numerous loans and scholarships for students wishing to pursue higher education in the country.

As a student, there are several scholarships you could choose from:
1) The Incentive Scholarship Programme of the French Embassy

The French Embassy provides INCENTIVE scholarships, i.e. co-financing of expenses connected to studying in France. These “incentives” can be health insurance fees, or air flight tickets, or monthly allowances for living expenses.


Students regularly enrolled in an academic institution providing higher education in France, with no reservations concerning the level of study or particular disciplines.

Selection basis

Quality of professional project and profile of the applicant

Documents to be providedLetter of admission (photocopy)
Research plan/training which the applicant wishes to pursue in France
Birth certificate or school leaving certificate (photocopy)
Degrees/diplomas obtained (photocopy)
Curriculum Vitae
Letter of motivation giving details of the expenses along with the part financed by the candidate.

Ashok Charoth
Embassy of France
2, Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi 110 011,
Fax: (011) 301 64 41 ; e-mail:

November to June

Special clauses
Students who are already in France cannot avail this scholarship.
Incomplete files are neither be looked into nor considered.
These scholarships do not include tuition fees.

2) The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme of the French Ministry of foreign affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris offers EIFFEL scholarships, i.e. full-fledged scholarships (travel expenses, health insurance, living expenses and tuition fees).
The program targets excellent candidates pre-selected by the institutions in France which compete between each other with the applicants they sponsor.

Students in the fields of engineering, management, political science and law.
Graduates (2ème cycle) and post graduates (3ème cycle). Age limit: 30

Selection basis
Quality of professional project and profile of the applicant

Documents to be provided
Forms to be downloaded from to be send to the sponsoring institution for approval and forwarding to EGIDE

EGIDE, Programme Eiffel
28, rue de la Grange-aux-Belles
75010 Paris, France
Fax : (00.33) 1 42 41 85 90 ; e-mail :

Submission by the Institution to EGIDE.
Deadline for submission: 15th February of the year for which the scholarship is applied.

Other scholarship programme

Other agencies, foundations and institutions (CNRS, Ministry of Research, INSERM, INRIA, Foundations like Rotary, and others) offer special scholarships for students and for doctoral and post-doctoral projects.

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