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Scholarship & Financial Aid For Studying In France Part-2

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The French Embassy provides incentives to students who desire to complete their academics in France in various disciplines. The principle of this ‘incentive’ support is based on the student co-financing his or her own education.
The Embassy selects candidates on basis of the interest of their professional project and on the profile of the applicant. Different levels of support are offered.
Documents to be provided to apply for the scholarship
  • Letter of admission (photocopy)
  • Research plan/training which the applicant wishes to pursue in France
  • Birth certificate or school leaving certificate (photocopy)
  • Degrees/diplomas obtained (photocopy)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of motivation giving details of the expenses along with the part financed by the candidate.
These documents to be sent to: M. Ashok Charoth, Embassy of France, 2, Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi - 110 011, Fax: (011) 301 64 41, e-mail:
The Process
1. The applications should mention
  • The exact date of the beginning of the session and the tentative date of departure
  • The exact duration of the session. Extension of the scholarship cannot be considered (no exceptions)
  • The date of birth of the applicant
2. Once the selection of the candidates is done by the French Embassy
  • The selected applicants are informed.
  • They are requested to send back to the Embassy (addressed to M. Ashok CHAROTH) the forms in acceptance of the financial aid proposed.
  • Candidates will then receive a letter of confirmation called "letter of Presentation" directly from the Embassy within 4 to 6 weeks. This leaflet also gives details about the procedure.
  • The Embassy informs the visa section of the respective consulates in order to facilitate the visa delivery.
  • In case, the travel expenses are sponsored by the French Government, the candidates will receive a pre-paid ticket after obtaining the reservation number from the Embassy about one week before departure. (Changes of dates will lead to delays in the process)
  • On the students' arrival in France, they will be received by EGIDE. They must then produce the letter of presentation.
Note:    Students who are already in France cannot avail this scholarship.
            Incomplete files will neither be looked into nor considered.
            These scholarships do not include tuition fees.
Eiffel Scholarship
These scholarships are eligible for students in the field of engineering, management, political science and law. These scholarships are directly awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris. In this case the institution you are enrolled in must apply for the scholarship grant on your behalf to an organisation called EGIDE. EGIDE is based in Paris. That grant would be a full scholarship. Do not get in touch with them directly, but ask your institution to apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for an Eiffel Scholarship before the current deadline.
(Information courtesy Edufrance) Financial Options will Aid Your Education in France Part-1

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