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Why an MBA?

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An MBA is a key that can open several doors. Since the focus of exec education is primarily on MBA, Payal kumar looks at the various reasons why an MBA is a much-coveted degree that can turn dreams into reality.
An MBA is the most talked of degree of our times and one that can transform your career from a raw stone to a well-polished gem. It is one of the few PG degrees that attracts applicants from all walks of life, from young corporates to army personnel, simply because all professions have a need for leaders to guide, steer and mentor. 
The most common reason for pursuing an MBA is to hone one’s leadership skills for better career progression. But a closer analysis reveals that there are, in fact, several other reasons too.

An MBA helps to facilitate a track change in one’s job. For those who realise that they are stuck following a bad career choice, an MBA can open a window of opportunity. For example, a doctor can implement the management expertise gained from an MBA to run a well-organised hospital with a well structured administration. 

Saurav decided to shift gears from engineering to management, and has never looked back since. After his MBA he is now on the way to establishing a firm providing consultancy services specialising in arranging funds for private sector development projects, focusing on the underprivileged.

However, there is no denying that in India to get your foot into the doorway of any major organisation, an MBA is an essential prerequisite. Manmohan Mullick, director, Vanguard HR, said:‘‘In India the MBA qualification is a benchmark. You can’t get away from that. The industry demands it and candidates cannot get an entry into good companies unless they have an MBA.’’

Many professionals are frustrated when they feel they have come to a dead-end in their career and have hit the glass ceiling. Sangeeta had worked her way up to the post of a senior editor in a leading English daily. She then stayed in the same position for several years and began to stagnate. She left her job to pursue an MBA and today works as the director of a teaching institute for journalism. For Sangeeta, the MBA qualification was a stepping stone for career progression. Continued...................... MBA Degree Click Here


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