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Why An MBA Degree Part-2

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Kumar has five years of work experience in sales and marketing. He is currently pursuing an MBA because he wants to set up his own business. Vibhor had set up his own enterprise in outsourcing software solutions, which did not do too well. After his MBA he aims to invest in his own IT enterprise and says his greatest joy would be in creating job opportunities in his own country. An MBA helps such candidates acquire the foundational skills and knowledge to set up successful entrepreneurial ventures.

Shwetha wishes to build on her experience in HR and auditing and gain the perspective of a global investment banker. She is on her way to pursue an MBA at Babcock, US, in order to further her ambitions. Following two years at a British business school, Narendra plans to join a capital market unit with a dominant international presence. He feels that this will provide him a great learning experience from a global perspective in terms of understanding the structuring of sophisticated financial transactions, from mergers and acquisitions to private debt and equity placement, and that in the long run this would help him in terms of setting up his own financial advisory firm. Such candidates take advantage of the opportunities offered by an MBA in the international job market.

Many people do an MBA to build personal and professional contacts and also to improve on their people management skills. An MBA is not simply an academic degree, but is a business qualification that has a vocational bent. Its purpose is to create general managers and the individual starts to build up a network at the B-school itself. People management skills are required no matter what profession one is in. Whether you are in academics, armed forces, aeronautics, business administration or the health industry, you will always be working with a group of people. An MBA helps the candidate to wear the various hats of a leader, team worker and an effective communicator. 

Prof Frank Hendelson from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute located in Troy, NY, said: ‘‘The MBA degree is unarguably the most talked about degree today. It is not just an academic qualification, it is also an excellent way to share reallife experiences of people who have come from different corporate environments. Just technology transfer from one nation to another is limiting global growth. Interaction with people who come from diverse cultural and social backgrounds add value to life.

An MBA certainly boosts careers. But how useful it is when it comes to work dynamics when one has joined an organisation is perhaps questionable. Amitabh Srivastava, programme director, Manya-Princeton Review, said: ‘‘I would say that an MBA simply quantifies learning that sales and marketing personnel imbibe as they go along in their career. I feel I have learnt much more from my sales and marketing experience than from my MBA. Top companies like Intel, IBM and Microsoft have the vision to go for the right skills match in an individual, rather than simply his or her qualifications.’’

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