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Career In Stock Markets & Stock Broking

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Career In Stock Broking  Share Market

Stock exchanges are like market places where stockbrokers buy and sell securities of individuals or institutions. Stock prices fluctuate form minute to minute, with the price of a stock at any given time being determined by the demand for it. Stock markets have gone through tremendous improvements to match the expectations of the growing industry. The introduction of norms for greater transparency in operations and the international trading and investments exposure as well as support of professional analysis have brought about tremendous improvements in this sector.
The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) oversees the operations of banks and financial institutions as watchdog. It is the regulatory body in charge of the country's capital markets. In every way possible, professionalism has come into the stock market business.
The best stock broking houses have already redefined themselves and have introduced the compilation of a database to identify avenues of investments in industries. Some of Indian finance service companies have already made some progress in setting up equity research for identifying growth scrips for portfolio investment and have taken up stock broking earnestly.
Nature of Work
The work of stockbrokers has become a challenging one as it incorporates specialized knowledge as well as professional acumen. Stock market and related functioning has become computerized which obviously demands information management skills. Stockbrokers commonly divide their operations between private clients and instructional work. Alternatively some brokers act only as dealers while others are principally advisors. In large firms stockbrokers deal with and advise smaller firms or work for both individual and institutional clients. Stockbrokers are generally of the following types :
Securities sales representatives

Securities Traders

Securities Brokers

Securities Analyst
Personal Characteristics

An analytical, logical brain; imagination; pleasure in solving complicated problems; judgment; tact in dealing with clients/ colleagues; business sense; probing curiosity; intuition and the ability to visualize the implication of present policies and actions on the future in practical terms; and a flair for figures. A persuasive and ambitious outlook and responsibility are required for the job. Career In Stock Broking Stock Markets - II


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