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Market Analyst Equity Research

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Market Analyst / Equity Research
If you have chosen the exciting world of stock markets among the career options you have, you'll never regret it. It is your door to fame, fortune and, above all, professional challenge. In a world that is shrinking in size due to information technology and blurring boundaries between nations, the stock market (or the equities market) is all set to grow in size.
A quick overview of the roots
The "company" form of organization changed the way the world did business. The company raised the capital required to do business by issuing financial instruments (or assets) called "equity shares" to the general public. Such a purchase of shares from the company itself is a "primary market" activity. Such a purchase did not tie the investor to the company forever because they could sell these shares in the "secondary market" (or in other words, the stock exchange) unlock their investments.
Purchase of equity shares in the market offered high returns to the investors. Apart from the dividend income that they received, the investors also made capital gains when the share prices shot up due to various reasons. Over and above these financial benefits, equity shares also gave ownership and control of the company in the same proportion as the number of shares held.
These heavy returns do not come without associated risks. Good amount of subjectivity and ambiguity is involved in finding the true value of an equity share. This renders difficult, the decision regarding proper investment.
The emergence of professional research
Common man could not understand the nuances of stock market and equity valuation. Also, the concept of pooled funds like insurance funds, retirement funds and mutual funds required professional investment management. Consequently, the field of market analysis emerged and gave rise to finance professionals who excelled at valuation of such financial assets.  Market analysts (a.k.a research analysts or equity researchers) work for various organizations like:
Investment Banks
Mutual funds
Financial Institutions
Stock Brokers
Financial newspapers
Financial websites

They can also work as Independent Financial Advisors to the affluent people who need professional expertise for managing their wealth.
As a market analyst one has to use various financial models, tools and techniques to arrive at simple decisions like buying or selling or standing still regarding the particular stock. If the research and analysis show that the stock price of a particular company may rise, you "go long" (buy it). If you have already bought it, you "hold" it. Alternatively, if the research indicates a possible downtrend in the stock price, you would immediately "go short" (sell it) so that you don't incur a loss (or reduced profit) at a later date. When once the decision is taken, there is absolutely no time to spare in implementing it.


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