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Essaying An Admission In Top Business College II

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Avoid discussing politics, religion, world events or any other controversial topic. This does not mean that you should not take a stance, but avoid unpleasant subjects and references.

Focus on points that will help the admission committee know you better and don’t just state things that you think the committee wants to know. For example, if doing community service is a big part of your life, mention it.

However, if you have never even lifted a pen at the cancer hospital or orphanage, then don’t try to convince the admission committee that you are the next Mother Theresa.

In other words, honestly depict who you are as a person and what you expect to achieve from the education that the B-school has to offer.

The worse thing you can do is to get someone to write your essays. Plagiarism may be a word you’ve never heard before, but if you copy your essays from the internet or have someone else write them for you, you can be sure that your application will be denied.

Universities have GMAT AWA, TOEFL or SAT I writing score and will know your true writing potential and hence if you submit essays that are not your true writing style, you are jeopardising your chances.

Don’t forget Ms Meehan’s words, “Students want to go online and find people who will rewrite their essays. But they have to understand that when we read thousands of applications, we start to get the sense that this isn’t the person. My encouragement is: do your own application. Write about you. We want to get to know the applicant.” However, having someone proof read your essays to check for mistakes with spellings and grammar is encouraged and acceptable to universities.

After you are done writing, rewriting, and reviewing all your essays, analyse your application as a whole. Think to yourself and see if all that you have written actually depicts who you are, what you are looking for and how the university you are applying to will help you achieve your career goals.

Many students will be writing such personal essays for the first time and it’s normal to feel mildly paranoid. If you view B-school application essays as an opportunity to introspect into your life and understand yourself better, rather than a mundane and tedious requirement, you really are ready for business school.

The author is an education consultant Essaying an Admission Part - I

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