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Ten Secrets of Success

The more expansive our consciousness, the happier we feel, and the more self-fulfilled. But the more contractive our outlook, the more unhappy, frustrated, even bitter we become.

The explanation lies in the fact that, although born with egos, all of us are part of, and belong to, a universal reality. We are self-fulfilled to the degree that we partake of that reality. And we offend against our own deepest nature when we divorce ourselves from that reality.

I suggest you take one thought at a time from the following ten secrets of success. Keep it before you throughout the day, as a reminder. Repeat it out loud, or mentally, letting it sink into your subconscious. And look for situations in your life to which you can apply it creatively.

The secret of success is ...

1. Enjoying, never bemoaning, whatever effort a work requires.

2. Doing things not merely because they are popular, but because you deeply believe in them.

3. Working with things as they are, not with the way you wish they were or think they ought to be.

4. Non-attachment to results; doing your best at the moment, and letting the results take care of themselves.

5. Enthusiasm! Without it, nothing worthwhile was ever achieved.

6. Asking yourself always, not, What do I want to see happen? but rather, What is trying to happen here?

7. Seeing your work primarily as a service to others, and not as a means of personal gain.

8. Blaming no one when things go wrong, but doing whatever you can to improve matters.

9. Being crystal clear as to your purpose and directions, and having the courage to act accordingly.

10. Welcoming as opportunities whatever obstacles confront you.

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